The Junior Cooperative Enterprise Program

In partnership with the Co-operative Development Division of the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development, Junior Achievement of Trinidad and Tobago created a Secondary School program to introduce the Junior Co-operative Enterprise Programme to students across Trinidad & Tobago.

Over 200 students from the various schools demonstrated their support for this new business initiative, aimed at providing them, our upcoming leaders, with the jumpstart to plan and manage their future.
The programme focuses on the formation of Junior Co-operatives which is intended to inculcate the values, principles and practices of savings and investment amongst students not only through their active involvement in business projects but also through their membership in Credit Unions which will be made available to each Secondary School under this programme.
As a project of the Junior Co-operative, the Junior Co-operative Enterprise Programme will run from January to May 2018 and will be managed by twenty (20-25) fourth form Students.
It is envisioned that the activities of the Junior Co-operative will continue throughout the school year with the election of a new board and Junior Co-operative Enterprise Programme committee the following year. This initiative will assist in harnessing the innovative spirit and business potential of our nation’s youth, grooming them into better decision makers and leaders whilst fostering the development of future entrepreneurs.

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