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JA Education with a Purpose is an entrepreneurial education and mentorship initiative, comprising of a series of interactive, age-specific and sequential educational programs which prepare young people with the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for the future and make smart academic and economic choices.




The purpose of the program is to create World Class Citizens. JA Trinidad and Tobago (JATT) has partnered with businesses, educators and other stakeholders to impact specific areas to produce leaders of tomorrow and citizens who make meaningful contributions to society. These areas include:


  • Youth Development
  • Education Development
  • Economic Development 


The program educates young people about three pillars of student success: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. It is delivered through the use of a well–trained network of volunteers, who act as mentors/role models to students providing the first exposure of a positive role model/mentor for many of our nation’s young people who are described as at-risk or even neglected.



  • To empower young people to own their future economic success by enhancing the relevance of education.


  • To ignite a spark in young people to experience and realise the opportunities and realities of work and life in a 21st century global marketplace.


  • To create direct connections between the business world and young people in order to introduce them to the opportunities and principles of the free market economy and to stimulate economic success. 


  • To provide both philanthropic opportunities as well as turnkey volunteer solutions for businesses that wish to engage, train and empower employees through volunteerism.  


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