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Is JA offered at your child's school?


Research says that the greatest predictor of student achievement is not economic or social status, but rather the extent to which parents become involved in their children's education. Kids believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up. And they're right. But getting there isn't always easy.


That's why JA Trinidad and Tobago (JATT) created our new flagship program entitled, Education with a Purpose: From Student to World Class Citizen


No matter what your profession, your life experience and determination to succeed means you can serve as a role model - not just to your child - but to their peers as well.


Here is how you can get involved:


Enroll Your Child in a JA After-School Program


JA offers several after-school programs for students within primary and secondary schools. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations. Please view the list of After-School programs below:







As a JA classroom volunteer, you can give your child and their classmates the opportunity to discover how their talents and abilities can create a better life for themselves.

To find out more information about Volunteering for JA, please click here.


To Sign Up to Volunteer, click Volunteer Today.


Get JA in Your Community


By contacting us, you can find out what classrooms in your community offer JA programs. If there aren't any, the local office will attempt to work with you to make it happen! After all, preparing children for the economic reality of tomorrow is the responsibility of everyone in the community.




Help Junior Achievement impact more students in your community. To find out more about Sponsoring an At-Risk Child to Receive a JA Program, please click here


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