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JA Trinidad and Tobago (JATT) has been promoting business education since 1970, first through an after-school secondary program and later through in-school partnerships with educators, starting in 1996. The cumulative impact on students is currently nearly 135,000 and it's growing.


For the academic year 2011-2012, our Education with a Purpose: “From Student to World Class Citizen” program impacted 13,534 students from 50 primary and 45 secondary schools. Please click here for more information on the Education with a Purpose Program.


Once you’ve requested a program, JA will work with you to identify and train your classroom volunteer. You can meet with him or her for a planning session and schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the volunteer to deliver the program in your classroom. We provide all volunteers with student guides and hands-on learning materials and make sure they’re amply prepared before teaching begins.


Why Junior Achievement in the Classroom? Junior Achievement's unique delivery system provides the training, materials and support necessary to bolster the chances for student success. At your invitation, we help arrange for business people and local community leaders to visit your classroom a few times throughout the academic term. They volunteer to share their workforce experience with your students, all while teaching sound economic principles and reinforcing your class curricula.


Whether you teach primary or secondary school, you can expect your JA volunteer to bring the real world to your classroom. Our programs are proven and effective.


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